As bitcoin transaction costs have almost become free it has become increasingly interesting to accept bitcoin payments with your business. The easiest way to directly start accepting payments is by simply downloading an app. Bitcoin Brabant currently advises to download Muun Wallet. This wallet is easy to use and you can accept bitcoin in ±1 minute.

When you are receiving more and more bitcoin transactions we advise you to create your own bitcoin bank. When you set this up the payments become cheaper for your customers and you have more control over your bitcoin.

For your webshop we integrate BTC Pay server. Your website builder can also easily integrate this for you in your website. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Paying with bitcoin

These are the advantages of our future money

Bitcoin has been uncrackable for more than a decade. When you setup your bank properly this is the safest way to preserve your monetary energy. Independent of failing banks or governments. 


The transactions over the lightning network are lightning quick. With this technology you can increase your payment terminal speed in comparison with traditional card payments. For international payments the advantage is even larger. As current payment networks still need multiple days for final settlement. 


Bitcoin has the lowest transaction fees of all payment networks being used worldwide. By using lightning you can cut cost significantly. There are no subscriptions, bank cost or expensive hardware (such as points of sale) you have to buy.

We implement bitcoin payments
within your company

Phone solution

The easiest way to accept your first bitcoin payments is to use Muun Wallet. If this is not working out for you please reach out to us and we'll help you set this up.

Free Setup
Low transaction fees
Easy to use
Private server solutions

To cut transaction costs even further or setup specific Points of Sale (PoS) you could setup your own payment server. When more customers start paying with bitcoin this setup becomes more interesting.

Low setup cost
Even lower transaction fees
Link to your payment system