Coldcard MK4


COLDCARD Mk4 with upgraded secure elements, USB-C connector, new plastic, optional NFC, massive RAM for multisig, and much-much more.

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What’s new in Mk4

  • USB-C Connector
  • Unlimited Memory, no Bitcoin Transaction size restrictions
  • NFC Tap for all data types, PSBT, Address, etc…
  • Sliding Cover protects screen
  • Even more security: Dual SE (Secure Elements)
    • 1. Extensive duress PIN features
    • 2. Multi-vendor solution
  • USB Virtual Disk mode

Explainer in English by Bitcoin Sessions:

Explainer in Dutch by Bart Mol:

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0,150 g
Afmetingen 255 × 160 × 30 cm

Transparent Standard, Transparent Gold, Transparent Bitcoin Orange

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