Foundation Passport


Finally in stock in The Netherlands. The latest version of the Foundation Passport.

We’ve already paid the import / customs fees so you get quick and anonymous delivery.

Your data is deleted after the order.

You deserve control. You deserve privacy. Passport makes it easy to experience what Bitcoin is meant to be: a sovereign form of money, under your ownership, that cannot be devalued or inflated.

Passport is designed for every Bitcoiner. Use Passport as your first hardware wallet or add Passport to your multisig setup. Passport strives to be beautiful, intuitive, transparent – and hardcore about security.

We’re official reseller of foundation passport devices. For more info check:

You can use the Envoy app together with your Passport signing device to easily manage your bitcoin. To download the app:

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Signing device

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Gewicht 400 g
Afmetingen 20 × 12 × 8 cm