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  • Wireless NFC smart-card that holds your Bitcoin private key (XPRV) and will sign transactions with a simple tap on your phone.
  • Compatible with wallet apps like Nunchuk (iOS, Android, Desktop) and Sparrow (Desktop)
  • Verifiable entropy, meaning you know 100% that no one but the TAPSIGNER itself has the private key that controls the Bitcoin.
  • Can be easily – and securely – backed-up into a file.
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A simple Bitcoin wallet in your pocket. Think of it as a Bitcoin private key on a card! You can sign mobile wallet transactions by tapping the card on your phone. Your mobile wallet provides most of the wallet logic and TAPSIGNER holds the secrets. It’s essentially a hardware wallet you can slip inside your regular wallet.

What app can I use with my TAPSIGNER?

Nunchuk – Android iOS Desktop
Sparrow – Desktop


What’s the motivation for TAPSIGNER? There is already the COLDCARD.

  • TAPSIGNER’s lower cost makes hardware wallet features and security available to a wider market around the world.
  • An NFC card provides fast and easy user experiences.
  • TAPSIGNER is a great way to keep your keys separate from your wallet(s).
  • Card form factor makes it easy to carry and easy to conceal


What are some possible uses for TAPSIGNER?

  • Phone wallet cosigning
  • Opening and closing Lightning Network channels
  • Using an NFC module with a Lightning Network node
  • Message signing
  • Collaborative multisig service applications
  • Raw transactions
  • Partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs) via HWI
  • App Authentication

Explainer in English by Bitcoin Sessions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKHy1HMw5iU

Explainer in Dutch coming soon.

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Blue Edition, Honeybadger

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