Tulip Bulbs Bitcoin Miner dried


Our tulip bulb package consists of the highest class Orange/Red tulip bulbs, named Lalibela.

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The bitcoin miner dried tulip bulb boxes ship internationally. The price includes export documents and shipping cost. 

Our tulip bulb package consists of the highest class Orange tulip bulbs, named Lalibela. 21 Bulbs of size 12-15. The size is the maximum size that is available across the globe, which creates the most impressive and beautiful flower. The large size bulbs are the bulbs that were bid on extensively during the original Tulip Bubble. It was hard to get such a large bulb with the unique flower. Absolute scarcity during that moment in time!

Let yourself be surprised by our selection of the best tulip bulbs the orange folks have to offer. They were hand picked with the greatest low time preference. So if you want to gift something bitcoin special: order this exclusive flower bulb package!

The tulips are a single Darwin Hybrid Tulip. The flowers of these tulips will delight you in March, April and May (northern hemisphere) and grow between 40-45 cm high. Plant the tulip bulbs about 10 cm deep and 10 – 12 cm apart. For the most natural look in the bed, it is advisable to distribute them loosely in the bed and not strictly in rows. The weight of a bulb is between 40-70 grams. Which makes the total package around 1.2kg.

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Gewicht 1200 g
Afmetingen 30 × 20 × 20 cm